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Maybe you love space, but the only constellation you can find, granted barely half the time, is the Big Dipper. Yeah, maybe you've looked up your horoscope once or twice. Maybe you've confused astronomy with astrology before. Or maybe, right now, you've just discovered they aren't the same thing.


Hey, no judgment.

Regardless of who you are or what you know, if you're reading this, it's likely you find space fascinating. 

Whether you're fluent in rocket science, or not, you should know that space news is now more accessible than ever. This page exists to help you choose how to stay up to speed on the giant void of everything we call "the universe". For just about every major social media platform, there's a way to consume space news. Let's get to it.


Twitter is an absolute GOLDMINE for 24/7 space news. One of Twitter's most active space-related users is, you bet, NASA. NASA has roughly 150 Twitter accounts for all missions, topics, organizations/programs, and centers/facilities. That doesn't include dozens more for prominent NASA employees and astronauts.


If there's a particular mission, such as Kepler, or facility, such as the International Space Station, you can get daily updates via their individual Twitter accounts. If you're interested in just the highlights, there's an overall-NASA account.


You can check out a full list of NASA's Twitter accounts here:

Other space agencies who collaborate together and with NASA:

United Nations: United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

Europe: European Space Agency (ESA)

Japan: Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Canada: Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

France: Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)

India: ISRO



Non-profits that support space research/discovery:

Space Foundation

The Planetary Society

Space Frontier Foundation


National and local news organizations who cover space on Twitter: 

Popular Science


Astronomy Now

Astronomy Magazine

Florida Today




If you prefer getting a quick daily update on U.S. space news in under a few minutes, add NASA. Not only does the account keep you informed, but helps explain the science in an engaging and fun way. If you're a millennial, these stories are curated for you.


Not as large of a goldmine as Twitter, but Facebook still has more than plenty to offer in the realm of space news. NASA in particular has over 130 Facebook accounts dedicated to its many missions and facilities. 

Check out the full list of NASA Facebook pages here:

Another incredibly important contributor to advances in space tech and exploration is SpaceX. SpaceX is a private company headed by Elon Musk. Musk's business has been critical in helping deliver supplies needed to the International Space Station. SpaceX collaborates with governmental and private companies alike. Today, they're a pivotal force in the space world.


You guessed it. Space agencies and companies with strong social media presences in the platforms above also regularly use Instagram to visually inform. NASA has roughly twenty Instagram accounts in total.

Discover all 20+ here:

SpaceX also regularly keeps their Instagram feed up-to-date on their achievements, rocket-tests, and collaborations.



Are you an audio learner? Modern-day radio enthusiast? 

Space podcasts. Yeah, they exist. Stellar, right?


(if space puns offend you, close out of your browser immediately)

Use Spotify? iTunes? Overcast.fm? Check out Liftoff, a free podcast by Relay FM.


NASA, of course, has its own plethora of podcasts:

NASA's "Houston, We Have a Podcast" is one of my favorites. You can find it on Sound Cloud.

Take a listen to their most recent episode here:

Hey reader and soon-to-be civilian space expert. Did I miss anything? This post is a living-breathing document. Know of a space-related social media account that everyone should be following? Any kick-butt space related podcasts or episodes? Let me know. Beam me at: 18rlthomas@gmail.com. Safe travels, friends.