Budweiser is partnering with SpaceX to send barley seeds to space in effort to be the first beer on Mars.

Budweiser isn't the first beer company interested in space. In 2011, Natural Light sent a can of its beer into space, taking the title "First Beer in Space." I guess you could call this the new space race, but with beer. 

If SpaceX's Big F*cking Rocket announcement made you chuckle, you'll get a kick out of Budweiser's recent update. They want to be the first beer consumed on Mars. 

Aboard SpaceX's next resupply rocket to the International Space Station will be 20 barley seeds. They'll spend 30 days in space to experience lack of gravity, and then a period of days following to be tested for germination. They want to answer questions such as whether or not they will grow slower or quicker without gravity. The company wants to be the first beer for the first astronauts to drink on Mars. The project is officially titled "Barley Germination and Malting in Microgravity."

Budweiser is partnering with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), which heads the U.S. National lab, and Space Tango, a company who oversees commercial research in the lab.