Amazon's top toy. No, it's not a fidget spinner. Four 1 1/2 inch replicas of prominent NASA women are proving to young girls that they are capable of being astronauts, computer scientists and researchers too.

This toy just hit number one (and sold out) on its first day release on Amazon. Science writer Maia Weinstock, Lego NASA Women creator, teamed up with Lego to create tiny plastic versions of prominent women in NASA. The four figures include: Sally Ride, Mae Jemison, Margaret Hamilton and Nancy Grace Roman. 

Credit: Lego

Sally Ride: NASA Astronaut

Ride went to space in 1983 and became the first American woman to travel to space.

Mae Jemison: NASA Astronaut

Jemison went into space aboard space shuttle Endeavor in 1992 and became the first black woman to space travel.

Margaret Hamilton: NASA Computer Scientist

Hamilton wrote the computer code that was critical for the Apollo 11 crew to safely land on the moon.

Nancy Grace Roman: NASA Chief Astronomer

Known as the "Mother of Hubble" was NASA's first chief astronomer. She strongly pushed for an observatory in space, which eventually led to the Hubble Space Telescope.