Scripted, designed, animated and edited for Mic's social media accounts.

At Mic I was responsible for the design, strategy and product management of Mic Daily, a cross-platform daily news product. Mic had developed a custom CMS tool, Story CMS, that was able to create searchable tap-through stories for the web. My goal was to design and create a cross-platform daily news MVP, then work with a developer to adjust the code in Story CMS to be able to create Mic Daily quickly without having to use any video editing or animation tools. Watch Mic Daily in full here.


I designed Mic Daily from scratch with Adobe Illustrator, animated in After Effects and all pieced together in Premiere. After four prototypes, Mic Daily premiered on Mic's Instagram story for two separate weekly tests. It was the most successful Instagram story on Mic's account in regards to engagement, earning 4.5 times more clicks to Mic's website than an average newsfeed post.

Logos created for the Missouri School of Journalism drone journalism classes. These have been made into stickers and patches that are given to students when they pass the FAA 107 exam and become certified remote drone pilots.

Animated the Kansas City Public Television-PBS logo. All elements outside the KCPT logo designed by me.

Designed and animated an infographic to tell a story about myself for a journalism class. This infographic represents the interconnectedness of my chronic illnesses. 

Designed and animated this video to promote a 5k run I was organizing as Special Events Director for MizzouThon, a philanthropy benefitting the University of Missouri Women's and Children's Hospital.