Space X, the commercial space travel company headed by Elon Musk, has big plans for its BFR. And the acronym is exactly what you think it is. Big. F*cking. Rocket.

Musk wants to take man to Mars. And he's said he's going to get us there by way of his Big F*cking Rocket. Yeah, you heard me right. That's BFR's literal name, but if you're going to be sharing this info with children or sensitive relatives, Musk said to use its alternative name, Big Falcon Rocket. 

Space X, Musks space exploration company, has been making major moves the past several years. Their tech is well up-to-speed with governmental space agencies like NASA, and perhaps even more so. Space X has assisted in sending multiple rockets to the International Space Station to assist with replenishing supplies. 

BFR's mission is to colonize Mars. Musk sees Mars as the next obvious territory to settle in our solar system. To make this possible BFR is designed to have 31 engines to carry about 100 passengers about 140 million miles (average distance from Mars to Earth) over 162 days (average amount of time it would take the fastest space craft to travel to Mars).

Musk said he plans to launch SpaceX's first unmanned Mars missions in 2022, with manned commercial flights beginning as early as 2024. That's a mere seven years away.

This type of technology SpaceX is creating isn't solely for Mars. Musk sees BFR as the quickest way to travel across Earth as well. What if you could travel from New York to Shanghai in under 40 minutes? See what he means in this animated video from SpaceX.