Scientists discovered that black holes not only suck everything (even light) in, but also "spit" stuff out. Space stuff.

*cue Supermassive Black Hole by Muse*

We're talking about black holes this week, folks. Black holes can seem scary. What they do and what they consist of isn't entirely certain. They're probably best known for their trait of super intense gravity, so intense in fact that even light cannot escape past its event horizon, a literal boundary in spacetime.

Before we move on to talk about black holes now "spitting stuff" out I highly suggest watching this video about black holes first. It will give you a great overview to the basics and mysteries behind this fantastically super scary thing in our universe. 

*cue Supermassive Black Hole by Muse again*

So, after watching this video you'll have a brief understanding of the singularity of the black hole, where all mass is condensed. NuSTAR, NASA's X-Ray Telescope, studies what is known as the acceleration zone. The singularity now has the ability to eject streams of material when gas becomes energized enough inside of it. This produces light radiation, or plasma jets, that stream along its rotation access.