About me

What's up with the doughnut?

I'm a recent graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism with a particular passion for technology and doughnuts.

In order to create the most three-dimensional stories newsrooms can no longer function successfully in silos. Editorial, product and audience/social teams need to work together with multiple technologies and platforms everyday. That's why I chose to major in Convergence Journalism with an emphasis in Multimedia Producing. Good journalism is orchestrated with video, photos, interactive graphics and more to immerse an audience. But great journalism is optimized for mobile, published across platforms and meets readers where they're at.

You could say my philosophy is similar to the doughnut theory of the universe. The theory is basically this: though the essential features of supermassive black holes are inherently the same, they can look completely different. Stories are the same way because at their core they all try to help an audience empathize and understand a narrative. But how they do so can vary greatly. This is why I love working at the intersection of editorial, technology and strategy. Each part is critical in a story's success.

As a project management consultant at the Reynolds Journalism Institute Innovation & Futures Lab I am assisting in the product management of a couple journalism technology products, developing RJI's first product management process and social media strategy for event promotion. 


Previously I was a product fellow at Mic, where I designed and managed a mobile cross-platform news product, managed the strategy and implementation of Mic's Instagram revamp and worked as a data reporter for an interactive piece on demographic representation in state legislatures.

My skills include but are not limited to:​

  • Editing for social media

  • Social media management

  • Product Design

  • Product Management

  • AP Style

  • Video/audio editing

    • ​Proficient: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition

    • Experience: Final Cut Pro, AVID

  • DSLR photography and photo editing

    • Proficient: Canon 5d Mark III, Nikon D7000, Photoshop

    • Experience: Canon C100, Canon 70D

  • Animation

    • Proficient: Adobe After Effects​

  • Graphic Design

    • Proficient: Adobe Illustrator​

  • Data Visualization​

    • Proficient: Tableau

I have also worked as an engagement intern at Kansas City Public Television- PBS, as a multimedia reporter for Flatland, Kansas City Public Television's digital magazine, and as a graphics reporter for the Columbia Missourian. I also have experience producing multimedia content for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and animated videos for all four campuses within the University of Missouri system.